We export various Rice Varities starting from Basmati Rice from India and Pakistan to Non-Basmati and International Rice Varities like Jasmine Rice, Wild Rice, Culrose and many more. Along with our portfolio also includes Millets, Wheat, and Maize, which are exported prominently.

Sourcing the best quality rice is not always easy. But with Sun Impex it becomes not only easy, but altogether convenient. We have evolved into a major supplier of premium quality rice to meet the needs of international market. We provide exclusive range of rice varieties - Emata, Paw San, Zeera and Ngasein exported from the rich farmlands. With us you can be extra sure about the quality of the rice you get because we are very particular about keeping a check on it.

Millets are small-seeded grasses which are highly nutritious, non-glutinous and not acid forming foods , grown majorly in India and Ukraine. We offer machine cleaned quality – 99.5 % and 98.0%.